I design interfaces to make people's experiences smooth and enjoyable.

I work with companies that want to have a competitive advantage thanks to a great user experience and visual design.

💻 Experience: 12 years
🏓 Skills: UI/UX design, user research, HTML/CSS
🛠 Tools: Figma, Photoshop, Webflow, Notion
👄 Languages: Belarusian, Russian, English, Japanese
📍 Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Updated April 2023

Web app for learning Japanese by reading texts with a built-in dictionary.

Visit www.japanese.io
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Japanese.io UI elements

Extension that enriches Chrome's new tab with inspiration and productivity features.

Visit manganum.app
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Manganum UI elements

Browser extension for smarter shopping on AliExpress.

Visit alitools.io
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Alitools UI elements

I specialize in creating designs for web and mobile for early and growth-stage startups. I re-designed Alitools after it got traction and the founders decided to expand. Currently, I'm working at Japanese.io, trying to create the best Japanese learn-by-reading experience on the market. In my free time, I support the website and design monthly release calendars for the Extinct Dinosaurs Library.

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Updated April 2023


Chrome extension for saving pages and reading them before they're gone forever.

Visit fireman.tech
Fireman extension screenshot

Ghost Screen

Compare a design from Figma with its front-end implementation in one click and immediately see what needs to be fixed.

Visit ghostscreen.design
Ghost Screen website screenshot

Extinct Dinosaurs Library

Samizdat about movies, series and video games.

Visit deaddinos.ru
Visit deaddinos.ru
Visit r/deaddinos
Deaddinos website screenshot